Natural medical cannabis in a  measured dose



hapac® are small, ready to use packs of pre-ground medicinal cannabis, designed for use in portable inhalers. They provide a measured dose and are simple and easy to use.



A measured dose

Each hapac® contains an exact dose of 0.25g, making it easy to manage consumption.

Reduced toxicants

No burning also means dramatically reduced toxicants and no pungent, indiscreet smoke.

No fuss, no mess, no stress

hapac® are simple, clean and save you time – no grinding, no fiddly papers, and no cleaning-up.

No waste

If you smoke medicinal cannabis, over 50% of your herb needlessly burns away. With hapac®, there is no burning, so no wasted herb.


hapac® are made from natural materials, so can be safely composted after use.

How to use 

1. Fold your hapac® 

2. Insert it into the oven of your dry-herb inhaler

3. Press hapac® in, so it fits snuggly

4. Replace the oven lid, but leave the hapac® tab poking out, so it’s easy to remove afterwards

6. Turn on your dry-herb inhaler, set to the desired temperature and activate the heating process – this normally takes around 30/45 secs

7. Once hapac® is fully heated through, it is now ready to use

Technical information

Natural fibres

The specially engineered paper used to make hapac® is made from natural fibres, so after use they can be safely composted.

Ultra-low emissions

This paper has been tested by an independent laboratory and the results analysed by a registered toxicologist. It produces no dangerous emissions during heating, with VOCs equivalent to ‘ambient exposure’ – well below permitted levels!

High quality automated manufacture

hapac® are made using precision automated machinery that produces consistent, high-quality herbal products.

Intellectual property

hapac® is a patent-pending innovation (UK Patent Application No. 1615359.5) and the design is registered in the EU, USA and Canada.

About us

Liberty Herbal Technologies Ltd is a UK-based company that was established to develop & bring to market hapac® our new, patent-pending technology for inhaling medicinal cannabis.
If you are interested in our product, please leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.