Patented technology for vaporisers

hapac® sachets are a patented packaging technology for delivering precise amounts of ground dry herb, granules or powders.

Designed for use in most portable vaporisers, hapac® sachets are easy to use, provide a measured dose and help keep vaporiser ovens clean.


A measured dose

Each hapac® sachet contains an exact measured dose, making it easy to manage consumption.

Reduced toxicants

No burning also means dramatically reduced toxicants and no pungent, indiscreet smoke.

No fuss, no mess, no stress

hapac® sachets are simple, clean and save you time – no grinding, no fiddly papers, and no cleaning-up.

No waste

If you smoke natural dry herbs, up to 50% of your herb can needlessly burn away. With hapac® sachets, there is no burning, so no wasted herb.


hapac® sachets are made from natural materials, so can be safely composted after use.

How to use: choose your vaporiser

hapac® 1 / PAX 3

hapac® 2

Storz & Bickel Mighty

Technical information

Natural fibres

The specially engineered paper used to make hapac® sachets is made from primarily natural fibres, so after use they can be safely composted.

Ultra-low emissions

This paper has been tested by an independent laboratory and the results analysed by a registered toxicologist. It produces no dangerous emissions during heating, with VOCs equivalent to ‘ambient exposure’, i.e. well below permitted levels.

High quality automated manufacture

hapac® sachets are made using precision automated machinery that produces consistent, high-quality herbal products.

Intellectual property

hapac® technology & products are protected by a range of intellectual property rights including issued patents, pending patent applications, registered designs / design patents, trademarks and other similar rights (details below).
Issued patents: US Patent No 10994087
Patent pending applications: EU 17767905.7 / Canada 3034331 / UK 2003018.5
Registered designs: UK 6003289 / EU 4002806-0001 / Canada 174893 / US D832,113 / US D927,315
hapac® trademarks: EU 16285711 / Switzerland 729477 / Canada TMA 1067078 / US (the hapac® trademark is protected in the US by Design Patent US D927,315)

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