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  1. Fold your HAPAC™ sachet lengthways.
  2. Insert it into the oven of your dry-herb vaporizer.
  3. Press the sachet in, so it fits snuggly.
  4. All the air needs to go through the sachet, so make sure there are no gaps between the sachet and the oven walls.
  5. Replace the oven lid, but leave the sachet tab poking out, so it’s easy to remove afterwards.
  6. Turn on your dry-herb vaporizer, set the temperature to 225ºC and activate the heating process – this normally takes around 30/45 secs.
  7. However, PLEASE NOTE, to get the best first-puff experience, it is crucial to let the HAPAC™ sachet fully heat through for an extra 45 secs AFTER the oven has reached 225ºC.
  8. Now the sachet is fully heated through, take four short puffs to start the production of vapor – then you’re ready to take your first proper toke!

Depending on how you vape, you should get around 15 good tokes per HAPAC™ sachet.

When you’re done, pull the used HAPAC™ sachet out of the device promptly (this helps to keep the oven clean). You can then simply compost it (HAPAC™ sachets are made from eco-friendly ‘Manila Hemp’-based filter-paper), or pop it in the trash.

At higher temperatures you’ll get more visible vapor and a stronger taste, but if you want to explore the subtler flavors that vaping flower unlocks, try turning the heat down (we recommend 195ºC/380ºF).