hapac™ offers multiple benefits compared to vape pens, concentrates and loose flower:

  • vs vape pens/concentrates:
    a) Contains only 100% premium cannabis flower; b) No additives – No propylene glycol; c) Enhances the taste of natural flower; d) Provides an exact dose making it easier to monitor and manage consumption; e) Made from natural materials.
  • vs vaporising loose flower:
    a) Simple and convenient; b) Saves time – no grinding, no weighing, no mess; c) Keeps vaporizer ovens cleaner, longer; d)Consistent product and precise grinding; e) No wasted flower or ‘kief’!
  • vs smoking cannabis flower:
    a) Saves time – no grinding, no weighing, no mess; b) Discreet – less odour or smell; c) Delivers a smooth, satisfying experience, every time! d) Minimises VOCs and carbonyls; e) No wasted flower or ‘kief’!

1 Each hapac™ sachet is filled with high quality, precisely ground, 100% premium cannabis flower. Available in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and CBD-only versions.

2 Vaporising herb is a completely different experience to smoking. The lack of combustion and smoke opens-up a new landscape of subtle herb flavours and aromas to explore…

3 hapac™ sachets are made from eco-friendly ‘Manila Hemp’ and can be safely composted after use.

4 hapac™’s sealed grinding process ensures that none of the herb gets lost during processing and the design of the hapac™ sachet prevents any herb being lost during use.

5 Smoking herb results in up to 80% of the available cannabinoids being lost through combustion and ’side-stream’ smoke. ‘Dry-herb’ vaporisers heat the herb to a much lower temperature, which prevents combustion and enables more efficient vaporisation of available cannabinoids. hapac™’s specially-engineered grinding process produces a much larger herb surface area than is possible with a hand grinder and the ‘smart’ filter-paper used in hapac™ sachets protects the herb from uneven or over-heating. The result – great taste and optimal vaporization of the full spectrum of cannabinoids, even on lower heat settings!

6 hapac™ sachets produce no dangerous emissions, with VOCs equivalent to ‘ambient exposure’ – well below permitted levels!